1. The official name of this organization is North Texas American Motors Club as voted on by attending members on October 31, 1998. This club, which may also be referred to as NTAMC was founded in October 1998 by its members in good standing. These by-laws were voted into effect on December 4, 1999.

These by-laws were revised and approved December 6, 2003.


  1. NTAMC strives to advance the image of The American Motors Owners Association and it's predecessor companies through the preservation, restoration, driving, displaying, and racing of its products.
  2. NTAMC is geared towards the owners of AMC, AMC/Jeep, Rambler, Nash, Jeffery, Hudson, Willys/Kaiser, Jeep and Renault Alliance/Encore vehicles. Ownership of a vehicle is not necessary to join the club.


  1. NTAMC membership is open to any and all persons who demonstrate a genuine interest in the purpose of this organization. Ownership of a vehicle is not required in order to join the club.
  2. All members are required to pay dues equaling $20 per calendar year (October being the anniversary month) in order to vote on club policies, be eligible for club discounts, and to receive the Quarterly newsletter by mail. The proceeds of dues are used to defray postage costs and to help fund club activities. Prospective members may attend meetings and receive the newsletter free of charge, but they may not participate in club votes.
  3. An individual is accepted as a member upon registering (either in person at a club event or via a mail-in registration) with a club officer and paying the club dues to the club treasurer. Prospective members may request a registration packet from any officer of the club. New members are ineligible to vote for two months after being accepted as a member.
  4. All paid members in good standing have the right to run for office. Elections are held every two years (on the odd years) or whenever an existing officer wishes to transfer responsibility. Club officers are encouraged to attend all club meetings.
  5. Any member who wishes to resign is asked to contact the organization's president to announce his/her intentions.
  6. The organization may vote to expel or suspend any member whose conduct is detrimental to the purpose and goals of the organization.


  1. NTAMC meetings are held every even numbered month at places to be determined at the prior meeting.
  2. The purpose of such meetings is informative in nature; car shows, swap meets, cars and parts for sale, salvage years, auctions, etc. are discussed. Members are strongly encouraged to bring their cars for display.
  3. The official NTAMC publication, The Rebel Yell, is distributed to local members at all club meetings and / or mailed to its members on the Monday following the club meeting. Back issues of The Rebel Yell are available from the newsletter editor on request. Back issues are free of charge to paid members or $1 per issue for new members or non-members.


  1. NTAMC officers are chosen by majority vote. Current officers include president, vice-president, and secretary/treasurer. Additional officers may be chosen by majority vote. All officers MUST be members in good standing with AMO. NTAMC will pay annual membership for its officers.
  2. Officers provide additional service to the club by organizing, recording, and directing club meetings and activities. Each officer is required to attend at least 50% of the meetings per year.
  3. Two officer signatures will be required for any and all NTAMC bank accounts.


  1. NTAMC Meetings: BI-monthly.
  2. Annual Christmas Party.
  3. Election of Officers (on odd numbered years).
  4. Cruise ins and various meets / shows at places to be determined during any given year.
  5. In consideration of the right to participate, entrants, participants, and spectators release and discharge NTAMC, its officers and officials from any and all known or unknown damages, losses, judgements, and/or claims from that may be suffered by any entrant as to his/her property.
  6. Its officers prior to release for publication will approve Website and Newsletter information.